Commercial Real Estate advantages may be summarized in:

Cost Recovery Recapture, Yield or IRR, Leverage and Tax reduction and deferment.

We are a full-service commercial real estate investment advisors and developers in Northern Virginia (Washington DC). Our goal is to deliver the expertise and confidence that our clients need and require to make a sound real estate decision. We specialize in the leasing and sales of Office and Industrial properties representing both tenants, buyers and investors.

Brian has been in commercial real estate investment since 2012. He looks after user-side needs of corporate and local clients in the region, and investment sales throughout the U.S. Brian is an electrical Professional Engineer with a Masters in Management. He is a “Class A” General Contractor with a “Builders License” in Virginia and Maryland. He is also a CCIM, the highest designation attainable in commercial real estate. Brian teaches the Contractor Class A and Builders License classes for Fairfax County Public Schools. He also offers educational seminars on commercial real estate investments per below. Brian has extensive background and work experience in Corporate America and with the U.S. Government as well as extensive international experience as a business owner.

Wade has been investing in commercial real estate since 2001 and is the president of the Tilden Company, a real estate holding company which manages a portfolio of commercial properties throughout the United States. He graduated as the valedictorian of an international MBA program with a specialization in Finance, and has done work for Goldman Sachs, Samsung, CNN, and the US Olympic Committee. Wade has almost two decades of experience living abroad in Europe and Asia and enjoys helping foreign clients navigate the US real estate markets. In addition to his MBA, Wade also holds a master’s degree in Education which allows him to effectively explain complex financial concepts to his clients.

Educational Seminars

We offer educational seminars on the following:

The basics of Commercial Real Estate Investment for those entering it such as:

  1. What is My Discount Rate?
  2. How Much / Type of Leverage / Debt / Financing?
  3. What is Net Present Value (NPV), how it is calculated and how it would help me in Real Estate?
  4. What is My Yield or IRR, how is it calculated and how do I use it to make Real Estate Decisions?
  5. What is a Cap Rate, how it is calculated, what it is used for and how do I used it to make Real Estate Decisions?
  6. What is My Cash on Cash.  Why it is important, where it comes from and how it is used to benefit me?
  7. What is Cost Recovery Recapture.  How it is calculated, the difference it makes and its impact on my Real Estate Investment?
  8. What is My Effective Tax Rate?  How do I calculate it?
  9. How to Compare Alternative Real Estate Investments through their NPV or IRRs?
  10. How to compare unkind alternative investments.  Apples & Oranges?
  11. If I Own a Business – How Do I Decided whether it’s Best to Lease My Space or Purchase it?
  12. Why Do I Need a Risk Analysis? And how does it benefit me?

Considerations for those who are already an owner

When is the right time to:

  1. Renovate
  2. Sell
  3. Hold For a Few More Years
  4. Refinance & Hold
  5. Refinance & Purchase
  6. Sell & Leaseback
  7. Sell & Buy

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